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Application of ammonia gas sensors in different industries

May 24, 2021

Ammonia gas, as a "useful" and "toxic" gas, exists in all walks of life, and the sensor used to measure ammonia gas is also widely used in different industries


Ammonia sensors are used in chemical industry


In the chemical industry, ammonia can be used as raw material for fertilizer production and refrigerant for refrigeration system. According to incomplete statistics, the annual ammonia leakage in the chemical industry is as high as 2.1-8.1Tg. The ammonia leakage will not only cause great pollution to the environment, but also seriously threaten the life safety of operators.

Therefore, ammonia sensors are often used to detect the ammonia content in the working environment in real time and control it within a certain range to ensure safe production.


Ammonia gas sensor applied to intelligent public toilet


With the arrival of the era of wisdom, traditional public toilets are also gradually moving towards intelligence. We know that the main cause of toilet odor is ammonia and hydrogen sulfide two gases, the concentration of these two gases directly determines how bad the toilet smell.

The application of ammonia gas sensor can detect the ammonia concentration in public toilets in real time, inform cleaning personnel to clean up in time, and maintain the comfort level of public toilets. It is widely used in intelligent public toilets in scenic spots, parks, service areas, stations and other scenes.


Ammonia sensors are used in the aquaculture industry


Ammonia gas is one of the harmful gases in the farm. It is often adsorbed or dissolved on the wet walls and ground, and it is strongly stimulating and corrosive to the mucous membrane and skin tissue of livestock and poultry. If the long-term growth in a high concentration of ammonia environment, the animal's body will be directly stimulated strongly, affecting the health of livestock and poultry. At the same time, high concentration of ammonia will also harm the feeders, causing a variety of diseases.

It can be seen that ammonia concentration detection is very necessary and important for agricultural farming industry. In modern intelligent breeding, various harmful gas sensors including ammonia gas sensors have been more and more widely used.


Ammonia sensors are used in the automotive industry


In recent years, with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, automobile exhaust pollution has gradually attracted people's attention, among which the environmental harm caused by nitrogen oxides can not be ignored. Ammonia selective oxidation reduction system is generally used in automobile tail gas treatment. This system takes ammonia as reducing agent and oxygen as oxidant to react with nitrogen oxides to generate nitrogen and water, thus reducing the pollution of automobile tail gas to the environment.

In this system, the amount of ammonia and oxygen should be appropriate, otherwise it will backfire and cause additional pollution, which needs to be applied to the ammonia sensor for detection.


Ammonia sensor is used in air monitoring industry


Ammonia is the only highly concentrated alkaline gas in the atmosphere, which can react with acidic gases such as nitric acid or sulfuric acid in homogeneous phase to form inorganic salt nanoscale particles or smaller molecular bundles, and plays an extremely important role in the initial nucleation process of aerosols. It is also the restrictive gaseous precursors of heterogeneous chemical reactions during the formation or growth of secondary particles in the process of heavy haze pollution.

Ammonia as one of the atmospheric pollutants, using ammonia sensor to monitor the content of ammonia in the air, is also an important part of atmospheric monitoring.