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The role of carbon dioxide sensor in ensuring indoor air quality

May 24, 2021

In the past decade or so, domestic and international requirements and standards for indoor air quality have been improving. Correspondingly, a series of standards and norms are put forward. Especially in recent years, China has developed and updated the relevant standards for indoor heating and ventilation systems and indoor air quality. Carbon dioxide itself is not a toxic gas and is not harmful to human body, but it has an impact on human health. Carbon dioxide concentration is not only a factor that directly affects indoor air quality, but also a direct reflection of the number of people and activities in the air-conditioned environment. At the same time, it means that there is plenty of fresh air in the current environment, which greatly reduces the risk of building syndrome.


The CO2 concentration index can also reflect the approximate state of other harmful gases in the current environment to some extent. Therefore, CO2 sensors play an important role in the control of heating and ventilation systems.

Using CO2 sensors, you can really control the amount of fresh air as needed, comply with green building codes, and achieve energy savings. Therefore, the monitoring of air quality cannot be separated from the application of high-precision CO2 sensors.


Product introduction:


The sensor is a high performance gas sensor made by combining mature infrared absorption gas detection technology with precision optical path design and sophisticated circuit design. Using non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle to detect CO2 in the air has good selectivity and no oxygen dependence, and has a long life. Built-in temperature compensation; At the same time with serial output, analog output and PWM output, easy to use.


Mainly used in:


HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment, Air Quality Monitoring Equipment, Fresh Air System, Air Purification Equipment, Smart Home, School


Sensor features:


The gas chamber is gold-plated, waterproof and anticorrosive

High sensitivity and low power consumption

Excellent stability

Temperature compensation, excellent linear output

Provide serial port (UART), analog (DAC), PWM waveform and other output modes

Long service life

Anti-water vapor interference, no poisoning


In addition, the energy saving of heating and ventilation systems is also inseparable from the application of CO2 sensors. Through the CO2 sensor, the heating and ventilation system can monitor the indoor CO2 concentration value in real time, and introduce fresh air from the outdoor in time according to the current CO2 concentration, without having to keep fresh air all the time, thus avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.