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Shenzhen Mixsen Electronics Co.,Ltd. 86-185-6625-9936
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We focus on CO Gas Sensor, Methane Gas Sensor, TVOC Sensor, PM2.5 Dust Sensor products and so on

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China Shenzhen Mixsen Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Mixsen Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Mixsen specialized in the design, manufacture and service of gas sensor, modules and OEM products for different applications. The technical form Chinese academy of sciences. Relying on the core technology of gas sensor with independent intellectual property rights, we provide more than 50 kinds of highly competitive products for customers. We developed over 50 types of sensors, modules, including CO sensor, formaldehyde sensor, alcohol sensor, CO2 sensor, combustible gas sensor, electrochemical gas sensor for toxic gases, some types developed under EN certification. Which widely used in safety protection, automotive, HAVC system etc. our products has been sold all over the world. Since the product was put into the market, the products have met the different needs of domestic and foreign ...

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