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CO Gas Sensor electrochemical For Indoor Underground Garage Carbon Monoxide Sensor

CO Gas Sensor electrochemical For Indoor Underground Garage Carbon Monoxide Sensor

  • High Light

    MIX8015 0.5ppm CO Gas Sensor


    50c CO Gas Sensor


    MIX8015 0.5ppm garage carbon monoxide detector

  • Principle
  • Range
  • Target Gas
    CO/Carbon Monoxide
  • Lifetime
    8 Years
  • Resolution
    0.5 Ppm
  • Response Time
    < 60 Seconds
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  • Packaging Details
    Inner packaging: foam cushion Outer packaging: carton
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    within 3 working days after payment
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CO Gas Sensor electrochemical For Indoor Underground Garage Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Indoor Underground Garage Using Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide(CO) Gas Detection Sensor

Principle Introduction:


When carbon monoxide diffuses to the surface of the working electrode through the porous film on the shell, it oxidizes on the working electrode under the catalysis of the working electrode. When the gas sensor produces an output current, its magnitude is proportional to the concentration of the gas. The concentration of carbon monoxide can be detected by measuring the output current of the sensor with an external circuit through the electrode lead line, and has a wide linear measurement range. In this way, the signal acquisition circuit and the corresponding conversion and output circuit are connected to the gas sensor to realize the detection and monitoring of underground garage carbon monoxide gas.




High accuracy 

Linear output 

Long life time

Environmentally friendly design

High selectivity and sensitivity to CO 

Strong anti-interference ability



Residential and commercial 

Indoor underground parking 

Houseboat and moto home 

Fire detection 

Ventilation control 

Domestic generator

Industrial Carbon monoxide gas monitors/alarm/detectors


Technical Parameters :


Item Specification
Target Gas Carbon monoxide/CO gas
Measurement Range 0 ~ 1000 ppm
Maximum Overload 2000 ppm
Output Current 1.5-3.5 nA/ppm
Repeatability ±2%
Resolution 0.5 ppm
Response Time(T90) < 60 seconds
Long Term Output Drift < 2% /month
Life time 8 years
Operating Temperature Range -20 ~ 50˚c
Operating Humidity Range 15 ~ 90% RH
Operating Pressure Range 0.1mpa±10%
Recommended Load Resistor 1kΩ
Bias Voltage Not required

Operating Note:


* When soldering the metal ribbons, the soldering tin was forbidden to contact with the sensor.
* Aging the sensor no less than 30 mins before operation;
* Keeping the sensor out of the volatile solvent.
* Prohibit storage and operating the sensor in acidic or alkaline