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Indoor PM2.5 Dust Sensor PM10 Dust Detection Sensor For Air Purifiers

Indoor PM2.5 Dust Sensor PM10 Dust Detection Sensor For Air Purifiers

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    Indoor 12mm Pm2.5 Dust Sensor


    mix6071 Pm2.5 Dust Sensor


    mix6071 dust detection sensor

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    PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10
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Indoor PM2.5 Dust Sensor PM10 Dust Detection Sensor For Air Purifiers

MIX6071 High Precision Laser Dust Particle Matter Sensor For Air Purifier Monitor


Principle Introduction:


The MIX6071 laser dust sensor series is an ultra-thin laser dust sensor with high temperature resistance and long life. Based on the principle of optical scattering, it can accurately detect and calculate the number of suspended particles of different particle sizes per unit volume in various environments. Mathematical algorithm and scientific calibration to achieve accurate output of PM2.5 mass concentration; the all-metal shell effectively shields electromagnetic interference and has good anti-interference performance.




Quick response and high accuracy
Metal shielding anti-interference
12mm ultra-thin design
A variety of air inlet and outlet directions to meet different installation needs




Air purifiers, air conditioners, PM2.5 detectors, range hoods, smoke alarms, fresh air systems, air detectors, etc.


Technical Parameters :



Item Specification
Measurable Dust Size 0.3μm~10μm
Measurement Range 0-1000ug/m³
Resolution 1ug/m³
Working Condition -15℃~60℃, 0-95%RH(non-condensing)
Storage Condition -30℃~70℃, 0-95%RH(non condensing)
Measurement Accuracy(PM1.0 and PM2.5) 0~80μg/m³, ±8μg/m³
80μg/m³ ~ 600μg/m³,± 15%
Reference Instrument:PULSE Standard
Dust Source:Cigarette(8mg)
Measurement Accuracy(PM10) 0~100μg/m³, ±25μg/m³
100μg/m³ ~ 600μg/m³,± 25%
Reference Instrument:PULSE Standard
Dust Source: Cigarette(8mg)
Output Interval 1s
Time of first Reading ≤5s
Power Supply DC 5V±0.3V,Ripple wave<50mV
Working Current ≤90mA
Standby Current ≤50μA
Dimension 48x40x12mm
Digital output mode UART TTL 3.3V
MTTF 30000 Hours