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An integral part of the air quality monitoring system in public places

May 24, 2021

1. Sensor

Sensors include carbon dioxide sensors, VOC sensors, temperature, humidity, air flow wind speed, etc. These independent sensors will measure very accurate data to the data acquisition equipment.


2. Field data acquisition equipment

It is equipped with a variety of data interfaces, 8 or 16 digital sensor interfaces are optional, and the industrial low power consumption and high performance embedded processor is adopted. Users can set the upper and lower limits of the sensor alarm by themselves, and transmit the data to the remote control center through GPRS/3G/ADSL and other ways. Through the software on the site of carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity, VOC wind speed and other data view, truly achieve remote monitoring and management.


3. On-site LED display

Through on-site LED display, it is convenient for people to understand the air quality of public places on site, which is conducive to improving the service quality of public places such as shopping malls, hospitals and stations, and ensuring the health and safety of the people.


4. Central data monitoring center

All the information will be transmitted to the monitoring center through the network to realize the collection, data storage, real-time alarm, historical data analysis, statistics, processing and other functions of the air quality in public places, so as to ensure the good air quality in places.